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WARSAW III Digital Money & Currency Forum, 9 JUN 2016

Event date: 09-06-2016

According to experts, Poland is one of top ten countries most involved in processes related to bitcoin. On the other hand, Poland is attractive for various kinds of companies and institutions from the whole world ready to invest in digital currencies, as it is seen as a country having well trained IT specialists and a country with very modern banking, ready to absorb further new technologies.

Considering these circumstances, the idea to organize a specialist international conference devoted to topics described above in Poland has seemed and seems highly justified. It was confirmed a year ago when the first edition of such large conference in Poland took place, having been christened Digital Money & Currency Forum. As indicated in the Forum’s full logo, leading topics of this event can be defined with keywords Technology, Security, Commerce, Business and Compliance.

In Poland, issues summarized with these catchwords are not only observed with interest but also are practically applied for business purposes in the conditions of our technologically advanced financial market. Digital Money & Currency Forum aims at creating and continuing the development of a platform for topic-related discussion of particular areas, exchange of knowledge, inspiration of new enterprises among specialists – scientists and practitioners, experts in technology, economy and law.

In 2016 we offer Digital Money and Currency Forum as a one-day conference on 9 June. We want to devote it to the following key areas:

  • technology and security
  • business practice
  • legal aspects.

Digital Money and Currency Forum has originated in and is organized exclusively by Medien Service.

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