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MOSCOW 7th PLUS Forum - Cards, payments & Mobile 2016, 7-8 JUN 2016

Event date: 07-06-2016

The key topics of the event dedicated to the analysis of major tendencies and prospects for payment industry development in Russia and globally, will reflect changed geopolitical environment, new economic and financial conditions.

Special focus will be on the following notable topics: 

· The role and place of banks and other market players, including international and Russian payment systems, in the NSPC ecosystem; 
· SWIFT, its national and macro-regional analogues: a new ecosystem of settlement services in the era of changes; 
· Consolidated role of mobile payments in the retail banking; 
· Bitcoin and other crypto currencies: a modern outlook. Analysis of prospects and risks, business cases. 
· Islamic finance: global experience and Russian reality 

During the event challenges and tasks facing the Russian bankers will be discussed: today’s banking priorities such as issues as cost optimization, further development of the bank operation model, elaboration of strategy for the coming years based on a new economic reality, landmark infrastructure projects including NSPC, GIS GMP (State Information System on State and Municipal Payments) and other and their impact on the Russian payment business; assessment and prospects of digital banking; improvement of customer communications; modernization of the existing infrastructure; transport fares and other promising projects.


National Payments Council Non-Commercial Partnership, Association of Belarusian Banks, the Association of Credit and Financial Institutions of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Association of strategic outsourcing ASTRA have joined the 6th International PLUS-Forum “Cards, Payments and Mobile 2015” as associate partners.

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