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ISTANBUL (TURKEY) Istanbul TALKS Fintech 2016, 24 MAY 2016

Event date: 24-05-2016

Istanbul TALKS is a conference series which aim to add value to Istanbul. The series embraces the EMEA region geographically as well as the topics concerned. Istanbul TALKS Fintech 2016 Conference will be held on May 24, 2016 at The Seed, Sakip Sabanci Museum.

Istanbul TALKS Fintech 2016 is a global conference, organised by the leading events management company Sipahiler Events. Fintech 2016 will host top financiers, fintech entrepreneurs, tech startups, banks, capital market institutions, insurance companies, technopark managers, venture capitalists, incubators, accelerators, angels, advisors, IT professionals and academics in an interactive environment.

Turkey is a fertile valley for technology startups thanks to its young demographics, skilled workforce, robust mobile penetration, solid infrastructure and broad government support. Fintech is only a latest trend among the technology startups and the payment is by far the frontrunner. The Conference is a first and only in Turkey dwelling on the fintech landscape and opportunities. The theme of the Conference is “Disrupting the World We Know” and it aims to deliver a probe in the global emergence of fintech industry. The conference will inspire the people in technology and financial industries through best practices and create a platform where key players of the fintech landscape meet other peers. The discussion panels will cover key fintech topics and businesses in payments, startup banking, hi-tech capital markets, blockchain, bitcoin, P2P lending, crowdfunding, and insurance. Keynote speakers will share insights on the recent developments in the industry and deliver views on the future.

Fintech 2016 presents an extensive program, where the participants will have the chance to meet the well known, successful speakers, as well as providing a comprehensive networking platform, suitable for development of new ideas, new partnerships and new alliances.

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