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WARSAW 10th Central European Digital Payments 2017, 11-12 DEC 2017

Event date: 11-12-2017

Relating to the last year's main catchphrase of the conference Customer in the focus of attention, this year's main topic will be Payments more comfortable for customers than ever.

We have got the great pleasure to inform you that preparations for Central European Digital Payments organised, at least under the new name, but already for the tenth time, have started.

The change of the Conference name from Central European Electronic Card to the present one reflects the rapid changes in the payment world which surrounds us - the more and more computerized reality, in which for example mobile payments and not payment cards, even ones with microprocessors, constitute the carriers of progress and symbols of FinTech revolution.

It is already the fourth (counting from 2001) generation of this conference. Nevertheless, it remains the most important annual meeting of the widely understood modern payments industry in Poland and Central Europe taking place in Poland.

During two days of sessions more that 350 participants from Poland and other countries can attend several dozens specialist presentations and meet each other in person.

In the times of radical changes in the payments technology, the six catchwords still mark the direction and areas of special interest, namely: Commerce – Mobility – FinTech –  RegTech – Identity – Security.

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